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Marching Band

Noun - "an ensemble of musicians that march in time to the music for entertainment at events and in parades, often with brass, wind, and percussion instruments, drum majors, and color guard"

Carroll High School's Marching Band is called the Charger Pride

The Charger Pride History

Indiana State Finalist Class B  2001, 2004, 2005

Indiana State Finalist Class A  2006, 2013, 2014

BOA Pontiac Regional Finalist 2010

BOA Muncie Regional Finalist 2013

BOA Dayton Regional Finalist 2014, 2015

BOA Dayton Regional Class AAA Champion 2014

BOA Indianapolis Super Regional Finalist 2014, 2015

2015 Charger Pride Marching Band


Doug Hassell, Phil Frazier

Design Staff

Alex Yoder: Winds Arranger, Dave & Kathryn Lemish Percussion Arrangers,

                             Geoff  Goelz  & Erica Widmer : Color Guard Design,  Jon Bay :  Visual Design

  Jonathan Meader, Program Consultant


Instructional Staff


Color Guard Instructors

Geoff Goelz  Erica Widmer  Brittany Krieg,

   Lauren Lawhead, Alexis Taylor


Percussion Instructors

Dave Lemish, Kathryn Lemish,  Blake Smith,  Michael Brown, Josh Schneider,

Aaron Black,  Jason Pace, Connor Klotz


Wind Instructors

   Krissie Miller,  Luke Fries, Everette Hornbarger, Jamie Foster

Jeff Amstutsz, Sam Wells, Trever Curry


Visual Instructors

   Jon Bay, Matt Gratton,  Kristen Reiske,  Ashley Miller,

   Stephanie Smekens, Anna Millimam


Drum Majors

Kayla Dietz, Linda Ngo, Dylan Fortney, Rebekah Groeling


2015 Show Title: “Alchemy”

Music:   “Gathering The Elements” by Alex Yoder, “Fields of Gold”, by Sting,

   “The Forge” by Alex Yoder and Dave Lemish,,  “Ecstacy of Gold” by Ennio Morricone

ISSMA Class:    “A”

Charger Pride Membership


   42 Guard


     4 Drum Majors

   191 Total members


- 11 -

Booster Meeting

7pm to 9pm


Todd and Kendra Battershell

Drum Major


Michelle Quinn

Section Leaders


- 06 -

Booster Meeting

7pm to 9pm


- 17 -

Booster Meeting

7pm to 9pm

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