Johnny Appleseed Festival


Thank you so much Carroll Band Parents for making this work each year.


Our Largest Fundraising opportunity of the year, and the most fun.


Parents get to dress up in period costume, and serve “Heaven in a Bowl” which is Peach, and Apple Cobbler served with ice cream. “Heaven in a Bowl is made in cast iron Dutch Ovens over hot coals, just like our forefathers did.


The Johnny Appleseed Committee Starts in early August to inventory items left over from the previous year. The Committee Chair is responsible for organizing the uniforms and cooking gear required by the Johnny Appleseed Festival, determining the amount of food items to be donated, and inventorying the stock. For the Festival the committee organizes the volunteers, sets up sign-up genius. Prepares the trailer and equipment. Sets-up, and ensures all volunteers are in proper attire. Sets up the cooking line and pits. Ensures clean up. Will take a detailed list of what is spent, and what is deducted for taxes.

JOHNNY APPLESEED is held Mid September and runs for three days.

Every year we ask each family to donate supplies for this fundraiser. Donations can be dropped off at the Band Garage (behind the tennis courts by the practice field). There will be shelving in the back with boxes to place the donations in. Donations are broken out below by class.

Sample Supply list:

Freshmen: 3 boxes white cakes mix, 3 cans of apple pie filling, 3 cans of peach pie filling

Sophomore: 3 boxes spice cake mix, 3 cans of apple pie filling, 3 cans of peach pie filling

Junior: 3 boxes of yellow cake mix, 3 cans of apple pie filling, 3 cans of peach pie filling

Senior: 3 boxes of yellow cake mix, 2 pkgs of margarine, $10-20 gift card (either Walmart or Sam's) to purchase remaining items.

Please place items in wooden boxes located by the back wall inside the band garage - NOT in student's lockers.  Donations MUST BE received no later than the Thursday preview before the start of the JA Festival. This will allow us adequate time to purchase what is lacking.

We will also need cases of bottled water that will be sold at the festival. Water can be dropped off at the band garage and placed in the back by the boxes for Johnny Appleseed.



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