Directors Notes

Students and Parents:


We are arriving to that point of the marching band season where reality sets in and balance becomes difficult. Some students (and parents) are noticing they might need some help through the process. Over the course of the last few days, we have received questions about tutoring availability within the band. This has been handled various ways in the past. We wanted to try something new this year. We're hoping that, at the very least, we can offer a useful resource for you and your student.


With the help of Google Forms, we've developed an area entitled "Charger Pride Tutor Connection". This area is a place where students can offer their help in various subject areas. Likewise, it's also set up so students can seek out help from students in the Charger Pride program. Ultimately, it is up to the students to determine what works with their schedules. We would highly recommend students consider using the commons area on Monday and Thursdays between 3:30 and the start of rehearsal. (band hallway generally will not be available) If only needing a small amount of help, Tuesdays before rehearsal are also a consideration.


If you are willing to serve as a tutor for a fellow Charger Pride member, please complete the following form:





If you would like to view the directory of possible tutors, click here:




Please understand that it may take a while for the directory to populate. If a student needs help identifying another student offering their tutoring skills, have them ask us and we will make the connection for them.


Have a great remainder of the week!









Hello everyone!  This group of kids is so much fun!  They've done a GREAT job so far with just about everything we've asked of them.  Last night, we began learning drill and they took to it very well.  I'm very proud of the start that they have had!


At our booster meeting on Monday, there was a question as to how we will handle registration on days that we have band camp.  I said that I'd be sending out an email with those answers.  This is that email.


Here’s the information that is currently posted on the NACS website regarding registration, and can be found here:


Monday, August 7, 2017                           1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.       A thru E

Tuesday, August 8, 2017                           8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.       F thru K

Wednesday, August 9, 2017                      8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.       L thru Rh

Thursday, August 10, 2017                       1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.       Ri thru Z

                                                                  6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.       Orientation for new students to NACS and their parents - Grades 9-12


Monday, August 14, 2017                        10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.      Late Registration A-Z (modified set-up with basic registration - schedules & textbooks.

                                                                                                            - No School photos or club activities.)


While online registration is a component of the registration process, it is NOT THE ENTIRE PROCESS and you still need to show up in person.  (student ID photos will be taken at this time, plus a few other items that cannot be done online), but you do need to do both online and at school.


Students should go on the date and time that corresponds with their letter as much as possible.


Charger Pride students last names A through  E should plan to go after IMMEDIATELY AFTER  rehearsal on Monday August 7. (The doors shut at 7, so get there right away)


Charger Pride students with last names F through K should go before rehearsal Tuesday.

Charger Pride Students Ri Through Z should plan to go after rehearsal on Thursday. ((The doors shut at 7, so get there right away)


F through K and L through RH – (the Tues/Wednesday am times) – plan to be there by 7:45 so you can be first in line, get through the line, and then get to rehearsal. Keep in mind, the doors do not open until 8,  but if you show up at or after 8, you may be stuck in a long line.


Hopefully, this plan will allow everyone to do the necessary registration steps and we can minimize the tardiness or absences from camp as it relates to registration.









Hello everyone!  The information in this email should hopefully help you know what to bring to all aspects of  camp... whether it's next week with guard and percussion, or full band camp....  Read on:


1.  Attached is information specific to what everyone needs to bring with them to band camp.  There's a lot of info in it, so please make sure you take time to go through it all.


2.  ALL DRILL AND MUSIC WILL BE on CHARMS once we receive it from designers.  As soon as we get updates, we will send them.

Once you are in, click on the tab on the left that says "2017 CHS CP Student Material".  You can then find your part and print it off.  Each student in the brass and woodwinds should print off TWO COPIES of your part (one for your binder, one for your drillbook - which is explained in the attached document).     Percussion music will be added shortly, as will the drill (for battery, winds, and guard) once it is written.   NUMBERS for Drill will be assigned during camp.  So, once the drill is in CHARMS, you're welcome to print it off - but just be aware that you won't know what your number is for a couple of weeks yet...


3.  FORMS NOT TURNED IN:  We still have a handful of people who have some forms not turned in.   If, for some reason, if you know you haven't turned something in, please bring it to camp. If you're not sure,   We will run a list and let you know who you are.


4.  REMINDER – ALL STUDENTS PARK in the south lot and enter through door 13.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually around this time of year, floors are being Waxed and there is some alternative route to the band area.  This should not affect where you park.   As soon as we get info on if/when the waxing is happening, we’ll let everyone know.  ESPECIALLY with the construction,  this is important.


5. GENERAL FLOW OF THE DAYS: (full band camp) Essentially, our band camp days (beginning next week) will be broken down into two “blocks” of time.  The first block of the day will go from the start time (2:00 next week, 9:00 am  the following two weeks) f  So, Week 1 will go from 2pm to 5pm, then dinner, then the next block- from 6-9.   The 2nd and third week it will go from 9am to 1pm then lunch at 1, then 2 to 6pm. .    Here’s another way to see it:


Week 1:

Rehearsal 2pm-5pm

Meal break 5pm to 6pm

Rehearsal 6pm to 9pm


Weeks 2 and 3:

9am to 1pm

Meal break from 1 to 2pm

Rehearsal 2pm to 6pm.



We DO NOT have the ability to refrigerate meals for students, so please plan your meals accordingly.   We are currently working on an alternative to having lunch in the "band hallway", and will let you all know what that is for sure once we have the details ironed out (this will affect where to drop meals off)



I think that's it for now.  Be sure to look for updates.   Can't wait to see everyone!! I miss you guys!!!!!!!!:)




*SEE ATTACHMENT* (Sorry for the long-windedness…   but all of this IS important.  J


More info to come in the near future.

Just to clarify (because I have received questions on this)


NEXT WEEK (Week of July 17) is Guard (5pm to 9pm)  and Percussion Camp (6pm to 9pm) .

BAND CAMP WEEK #1 is the week of July 24 (2pm-9pm)

*BAND CAMP WEEK #2 is the week of Jul;y 31 (9am to 6pm)

** BAND CAMP WEEK #3 is the week of August 7 (9am to 6pm)


*The Friday of Band Camp Week #2 is ONLY 9am to 1pm.  This is a change form the past. We will be offering students the opportunity (not required... just a time to do something fun together)  to take a group trip to Pine Lake in the Afternoon. (More info on that when we start full camp)


**There IS NO REHEARSAL  on FRIDAY of week #3 (Aug 11)


ALL OF THIS information is on the CHARMS Calendar, which - if you have not gotten in the habit of checking, please do so.  Go to>Band Information-->(scroll down) -->Band Calendar


PLEASE NOTE that Saturday, August 12, we have on the schedule to participate in the Huntertown Heritage Days parade (And this has been on the calendar for MONTHS) . THIS IS AN EXPECTATION OF ALL CHARGER PRIDE MEMBERS Except Pit.  (we will need some cymbal players and banner carriers, but that may not require everyone... we'll work out those details in the coming weeks)


This is a relatively  brief time commitment (a couple of hours),  and for students who wish to go to Indianapolis for DCI FINALS (more on that during band camp) that afternoon/evening - there will be plenty of time for that.


Hopefully this clarifies any questions  you might have.


Thanks, and have a great day.












… and a few other thoughts on competition



We will be competing in two separate types of events.  “ISSMA” and “BOA”.   ISSMA events are the events that are either Run BY “ISSMA” (Indiana State School Music Association) OR by separate individual High Schools. (Bluffton, DeKalb, Penn, Plymouth).    These types of events all use the same “ISSMA” Judgeing Criteria.  “BOA” (Bands of America) is a National Circuit and uses different judging… it’s the same process, just different numbers of judges.


 FOR ISSMA (Most of what we do), The Judging system is broken down as follows:


 6 judges each award the band a score based out of 200 (or 20) points).


 The Music scores are each totaled:


 Music Individual -200 (judge on the field) + Music Ensemble - 200 (judge in press box) = Total Music 400 pts.


 These judges are evaluating how well the WHOLE Band plays (ensemble) and INDIVIDUALS play (individual).


 The General Effect Judges (Music "GE" and Visual "GE") look at how EFFECTIVE the presentation is.  Essentially, they're looking at 1)  How effective is the written show,  and 2) how effectively are the students PERFORMING the show?.  In other words - How good is the show, and how well are the kids maximizing it?


 The Music and Visual GE judges each are worth 200 pts each (total of 400 points).


 The VISUAL scores are AVERAGED.   Similar to the music judges, there is one judge on the field who looks at the individual members and how they march, move, or spin,  and the ENSEMBLE visual judge - who looks at how EVERYONE - or the whole band works together.


 So, the point breakdown is this:


 Mus Ind. + Mus Ens =    400


Mus  GE + Vis.   GE  =    400


Avg of Vis. Ind./Vis Ens =200


Total possible =            1000/10 = 100 possible.


 The band in each class with the highest over all score is awarded 1st place, the 2nd highest score 2nd, and so on.    Bands are often given "Caption Awards" - for best music, best visual, best Effect.  These are scores from the total score in each caption.  (Each CLASS (A,B,C,D) is determined by the school’s enrollment- similar to sports classifications.  A is the largerst, B is the 2nd largest, and so on)  Last year, ISSMA adopted a new variation on this.  “Open” and “Scholastic”.  “Open” just refers to the more competitive levels of A,B,C,D… the same as it has been for years.   “Scholastic” refers to a more developing level of competition.  For us, We’re in “Open A”.


 Other caption awards may be given, but are not part of the overall score.  These may include, "Best Percussion, Best Drum Major, Best Color Guard, and best PIT CREW!! As you can see - this can be a pretty complicated system.....  And it REALLY is a matter of MATH and interpretation of the shows. (As opposed to some people’s incorrect assumption that “everything is based on politics and reputation”)


 Now - As far as competition goes – Everyone wants to do well.  Sometimes, things will go surprisingly in our favor… sometimes, they won’t.  We have to remember to take everything in stride, and not to allow ourselves with getting beat by… or BEATING one particular group.


 It’s the judge’s jobs to use the criteria they have to sort through their interpretation of who should be where.   We talked in class when we started school about this.   This is a competitive activity – but we have to be very careful not to let that be our only motivator.   “IT IS OKAY to want to WIN”… And it IS… I love winning… It’s fun!  BUT,  I have also seen what happens when that “takes over” and winning  becomes THE most important thing... Often the process becomes less fun,   and it can be extremely frustrating when we have given our best, but still "come up short..."


That being said, We will continue to focus on EXCELLENCE as our main benchmark.  We can only control the things *in our control* -meaning,  We can control how WE perform.  We cannot control what other groups do, and it would be a waste of our energy to be concerned with other groups.    Our biggest competitor will ALWAYS be ourselves. Period.


There are groups out there that we’ve had “friendly rivalries” with – Groups that we have placed higher than… and groups that have placed higher than us.  That’s part of the fun, but again – it all has to be kept in perspective.  Once the uniforms come off, all the kids – from all the bands – look pretty much the same!!    It’s very important to remember that while you as parents want to see your kids be successful, the other parents in the stands what the same thing for their kids.  Sometimes, when this goes too far, and we forget about keeping the competition thing in perspective, negativity can build in…. Take the "good" with the "bad.".. roll with it - Have fun when the numbers go our way, and congratulate the others when it goes their way.  Don’t get fall into the trap of “Such & Such a school has more money, so they always win…”  or “This is all political…”  Those types of things do nothing to help us, and ultimately cast a shadow of negativity that just isn’t necessary.


One of the least productive things we can do is to “make excuses” for when things don’t go the way we want to.  We ALWAYS have to remember that marching band is a PART of the high school experience for kids, and even in the heat of the competitive moment, we need to remember that we are all at risk of letting our emotions get the best of us.   The kids are always watching our reactions, and they ARE LEARNING from us.


Despite what you might think, believe, or hear,  “Politics” really don’t exist in marching band judging.  Nobody gets “robbed” by not getting the place they think they deserve.  Do some things happen sometimes that seem unfair? Yes.  But… that’s life – and if we’re preparing kids to be successful in life, then we need to be teaching them how to deal with the unfairness aspect as well.   The judging system is not perfect, and it’s implemented by people who aren’t perfect.


 A note on SCORES:


 ISSMA Has a policy that scores for ISSMA Events are to remain Confidential as private, confidential evaluations and are not to be made public.   Therefore, I cannot discuss scores (At ISSMA events)  with anyone other than students and staff.  This is an agreement that we make by participating in ISSMA events.


 As parents who sit in the stands, you will see a LOT of different band and a lot of different fans.  Some will be VERY good... some will be "okay".. and some, honestly, it will be painful to sit through.   I CANNOT Emphasize this enough:  EACH band on the field works hard to do the best they can.  It would be very easy to make negative comments about another band that maybe isn't as good as any other band, but please remember that those kids are working just as hard as ours. NEVER say a negative thing about another band in the stands… concession lines… bathroom – you just never know who is listening!


In my opinion, this activity has become too competitive - and you'll see what I am talking about in the coming weeks when people in the stands start bad-mouthing other bands and making all kinds of negative comments.   What gets lost in this is that people start saying negative things about other bands... but those bands are made up of other peoples' children - so what they are really saying are bad things about other peoples' kids... and that just shouldn't happen.


Just like we can't make the judges give us the number we want, we can't influence other people from saying negative things.    What we CAN Do is be an example of good sportsmanship.


When you're in the stands - here are some guidelines


1.    Plan to arrive during the awards of the previous class.  For us (tomorrow) , that would be around 7:40.  Awards themselves for the smaller classes begin at 7:48, but keep in mind, you’ll have to find a place to park, walk to the area, wait for the stands to empty, and then find a seat.   Always allow WAY more time than you think you’ll need.


2.     Seats at most competitions are not reserved or saved.  Despite what some people might believe, seats are available on a first come-first serve basis.  Often, I hear of well-meaning groups of people wanting to “block” out sections of the stands to reserve for each other to support one band or another.   This might be beneficial to the group doing it, but it can cause some unnecessary bad feelings in what should be a great environment.     In short, it’s not appropriate to block out large sections of seats until others arrive.   I saw a great sign when my family was on vacation in Georgia by the pool at our resort, and I think it’s applicable here, too: “Towels don’t reserve seats…bodies do."  The same applies to seats at competitions.  Thanks for your cooperation with this!


3..  Stand & applaud for EVERY Band.   It takes courage just being on the field (you'll discover a bit of this next weekend)  - THAT ALONE deserves a standing ovation.


4.  Be aware of what you're saying.  You never know who is sitting around you that may just be "looking for" someone another school to say something un-classy.   When you talk about another group, keep your comments POSITIVE! (and if you don't have anything nice to say.. then - maybe - don't say anything! )



 5.  Be attentive and quiet for each performance.. but always cheer when you can!   Fight the urge to comment on someone else's (even ours) show in the middle of the performance.  This is performance and concert etiquette, and is actually part of the Indiana Standards for Music Education.


 6.  Always try to compliment someone else's band if the opportunity arises.    You know how much you appreciate hearing recognition for your kids, so always try to return the favor.


  These are some things that have really made Carroll Parents a class Act year in and year out.   Don't just limit it to the stands... practice this in the concession line.. in the parking lot and yes - even in the bathroom at shows!! :)


 Lastly - There's a website out there called "". The website exists for entertainment, and each year people from every band get "sucked in" to a near obsession with it.  I’ll admit it – I get on there quite a bit myself… I don't mind if they are on there reading,  but please do not post or respond to anything.


 Some of the staff members also do a “Poll”… similar to an AP sports poll.  IT IS STRICTLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT.  Every year, I hear people getting pretty amped up about who is where in the “IM.COM POLL”…    It’s kind of fun,  but please understand – it is an entertainment poll run by people who do are fans of marching band.    That’s all it is… J


There are also message boards on there where people can get into discussions…   My belief is that we should say what we have to say with our performance on the field; not an online message board.


 If you're a new person here - WELCOME!!! If you're a returning person,  You guys know the drill...  We're about to begin and things are ready to roll!!!


See you soon!


Mr. Hassell










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