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Carroll High School Instrumental Music Program


Carroll High School is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and competes with some of the best bands in the country. In the State of Indiana, we take Marching Band Seriously, but we honor the hard work all Band Students make, and cheer loudly for every student and their band taking the field. Following the Charger Pride marching season, the Carroll Band Boosters support, indoor percussion, winter and cadet guard, concert ensembles including wind ensemble, symphonic band, concert band, jazz ensemble, jazz band II, jazz combo and pep band.


CHS Band Boosters

Carroll High School Band Boosters, is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization complete with a charter, bylaws, and board of directors. The purpose of our organization is to provide for the needs of the Carroll High School Instrumental Band Program that are not already met by the Northwest Allen County School System. Many committees are in place to accomplish the extensive goals of the Charger Pride.


Following is a list of all the committees that currently exist to support the Carroll Instrumental Music Program and a brief description of each. Please contact a member of any committee(s) where you are interested in helping out; there is always room for more help.


Chaperon Committee

Chaperons are required to accompany the band on all events involving travel. Chaperons must be parents, grandparents, or guardians of current band students, or otherwise approved by the band booster board. Only band students and designated adults acting in the capacity of chaperon are allowed to ride school buses on band events.

Additional information specific to band chaperoning is also provided by the chair of the chaperons committee.

Typically for bus travel, four chaperons are placed on each bus: two in the back, and two in the front. One of the four serves as a lead chaperon for that bus. The chaperons are responsible for the safety of the students and the integrity of the school by making sure the students follow the school’s code of conduct, applying discipline as needed, covering student maneuvers to be sure the students are not left unattended, and conducting careful roll calls. In addition, the lead chaperon for each bus is responsible for signing out any student that will be returning from the event with a parent or guardian. Characteristics needed to be a chaperon committee member include accountability, a willingness to discipline, ability to interact well with students, ability to earn the respect of students, and common sense is a must.


Pit Crew

For each home football game and each marching competition featuring the full band, equipment must be transported to the destination for use in the performance. This equipment is transported via a tractor-trailer, and typically includes field and pit percussion instruments, color guard flags and props, sousaphones, hat boxes, and other instruments, depending on the distance involved.


This includes loading “Big Blue” and “Little Blue”. The Pit

Pit Crew members are needed to maintain the “Big Blue” and “Little Blue”, schedule tractors and drivers, ensure the proper equipment is loaded, unload the equipment and prepare it for use, move the equipment on and off the field at the appropriate times during the performance, repack the equipment, return the equipment to the school, and unpack the equipment. Due to the importance of having the right equipment available at the right time, the committee members are encouraged to support this committee throughout the entire marching season. Teamwork, efficiency, and good organizational skills are desired for the field Pit Crew.


Charger Pride Food Committee

The Food Committee is responsible for feeding the kids a hot meal on competition days. Typically we are able to feed the kids at CHS before they depart.  Sometimes we will need to feed them a meal on the road or pack “to go” meals.

Committee members are needed to plan menu, purchase food and supplies, set-up, prepare food, and clean up after meal.

We will meet on Monday’s @ 6:00pm @ band garage during band season to plan the meal for Saturday.  At this time, we usually have the itinerary for Saturday, so can plan when to meet to set up.

The 2015-16 season we will feed about 250 people every Saturday.  So, any help is appreciated whether you can help shop, cook, or serve.  There is a budget for the season, so reimbursement is possible with the proper forms filled out.


Fundraising Committee

By September, the Boosters are required to submit all desired fundraising activities to NWACS for approval. Committee members are responsible for determining which fundraisers will be held, and ensuring the proper conduct of each one.

Committee members are needed to prepare the initial orders and packets for distribution to the students, promote the sale within the community, tally the orders and dollars received from the students, ensure the correct order is placed at the appropriate time, secure a distribution center, plan the logistics, organize and communicate all fundraisers distribution method, and resolve any issues with defective, incorrect, missing items. Committee members shall post sign-up Genius for each fund raiser, and select Parents to supervise, and run each event.


Grants Committee

The Grants Committee is an ongoing committee that researches grants for sponsorship of band events. A background in grant writing or grant researching would be helpful but is not necessary. Also experience with preparing budget requests would be helpful.


Food Committee

The Food Committee responsibilities begin with band camp and serving frozen popsicles after practice. Each Competition day the committee provides a meal for the band members and staff. The committee is responsible for purchasing and/or cooking, set-up, serving and cleanup for each meal.


Web Master/Historian

Work with band directors and the booster committees to keep the Band/Booster website current for band students and parents. Experience with Blogs and some graphic design experience preferred.


Trailer Ad's Committee

Plan a strategy to request supporting funds from area businesses. As a team we will select corporations and businesses to call on and divide the responsibilities of making and following up on contacts.


Businesses and individuals can purchase new ad space anytime during the year, and existing clients can renew their ads each summer. The ads are applied to both sides of “Big Blue”, and thus follow the band everywhere the Charger Pride Performs. When not in use during the football season and during competitions (typically August to November), “Big Blue” is usually parked in Carroll High School Parking Lot, clearly visible from Bethel Road. Committee members are needed to solicit clients, explain the process, accept artwork, help modify artwork to meet requirements, issue contracts, invoice clients, interface with the sign company to have the ads cut, and to apply or remove ads from the trailer as needed. Renewal invoices should be sent to existing clients each July. Weather conditions typically prevent the application of ads in the winter months.


Trailer Committee

The trailer ads committee is responsible for “Big Blue” and "Little Blue". “Big Blue” is used to transport valuable instruments and equipment and accompanies the band to most performances away from school, including all marching competitions, all home and away football games.


Uniforms Committee

The uniforms committee is responsible for assisting with the marching band uniforms.


The first duty occurs in June during band camp to remove graduated marcher’s uniforms, shakos and shoes.  Then we fit the entire band in jackets.  A group of 7-8 ladies can accomplish this in about two evenings.

During band camp in July, we will fit the entire band into marching pants.  A group of 7-8 ladies can accomplish this in two to three evenings.  During this time we also fix hem lengths (snap to fit or tack), size shakos and gauntlets for new members.  We also find used shoes for those that want or need them.


Prior to the first march, we organize the uniforms, tack pant hems, assign shakos and gauntlets, purchase new gloves, and prepare for the new season.

Prior to football games, 2 members are needed to handle any problems that arise as kids dress before the game.  At half-time or after the game (dismissal time is decided by the directors before the game), 4 members are needed to collect plumes at Door 13, and 2 members are needed to check uniforms at the uniform door.


During the season, 1 member is needed to ensure all uniforms, shakos and shoes are loaded onto Big Blue.  At the competition, 2-4 members are needed to help prior to competition (solve problems and hand out plumes).  2-4 members are needed after the competition to collect plumes and check uniforms into Big Blue.



Johnny Appleseed Festival Committee

This is our Largest Fundraising opportunity of the year, and the most fun. Parents get to dress up in period costume, and serve “Heaven in a Bowl” which is Peach, and Apple Cobbler served with ice cream. “Heaven in a Bowl is made in cast iron Dutch Ovens over hot coals, just like our forefathers did.

The Johnny Appleseed Committee Starts in early August to inventory items left over from the previous year. The Committee Chair is responsible for organizing the uniforms and cooking gear required by the Johnny Appleseed Festival, determining the amount of food items to be donated, and inventorying the stock. For the Festival the committee organizes the volunteers, sets up sign-up genius. Prepares the trailer and equipment. Sets-up, and ensures all volunteers are in proper attire. Sets up the cooking line and pits. Ensures clean up. Will take a detailed list of what is spent, and what is deducted for taxes.


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